Herbs and Products of Exemplary Quality

Why should you use Root & Branch?

  • Classical Methods

  • Expansive Variety

  • Dedication to Quality and Potency

  • Pao Zhi Special Preparation

  • Handmade Pills, Powders, and Syrups

  • Herbal Expertise

Our pharmacy services are designed to provide you and your patients with diverse Chinese medicine offerings in bulk, granule, and patent forms. We source our herbs from vendors and growers committed to cleanliness and potency, and we do our homework to make sure that what we are offering you and your patients is second-to-none. Unique to Root & Branch is decoction service and the ability to formulate custom plasters, oils, and other topical applications. Contact us to talk about what needs you might have and how we can help you meet them.

Easy Prescribing with HerbaScript™

By signing up with Root & Branch, you will have access to our HerbaScript™ system. HerbaScript™ gives you access to our HIPAA-compliant, online medicinary where you can write custom formulas from the comfort of your clinic, have your patients pay for those formulas from their phones or through email, and the system will tell us what to make and where to send it. HerbaScript™ is connected to our inventory in live time, letting you know if something is unavailable or on back order. No more playing phone-tag with the pharmacy trying to get the medicine that your patients need. Customize your interface, upload your own templates, order patents or premade herbal products, HerbaScript™ has you covered.  

 You can sign up for FREE and start writing formulas for your patients immediately. If you're just curious, sign up and poke around in the system to see what's available and how it looks.


A Broad Set of Choices

Root & Branch is both a bulk and a granule pharmacy with a particular focus on working with the synchronicity and alchemy of whole formulas. That is, we like bulk herbs and want you to experience the power of Chinese plant medicine. We like how the herbs are able to interact together when they cook and how that reflects the deep tradition of our medicine. By offering decoction service for a modest fee ($3), we hope to take some of the burden away from people who don't have the time or the inclination to cook raw herbs. But we also know that sometimes you need your herbs on the go, for the office, or just that you like granule versions. So we decided to stock most of our formulas in Granule form as well. These formulas are classic and modern Chinese medicine prescriptions, cooked together and made into granules as a whole item, preserving the alchemical interaction of these powerful plants. 

We do also keep a stock of important single granules so that practitioners can make modifications to those classic formulas by adding new herbs to a formula or boosting some of the ingredients already there. If you usually prescribe granule herbs in single form, we encourage you to look to our formula list to see if you can still prescribe for your patients. We know you'll be pleased with the efficacy of pre-formulated granules. 

The Power of Pao Zhi

The Game Changer:
Decoction Service

Root & Branch offers Pao Zhi cooking preparations for all of the herbs we carry in bulk. Ever wanted to customize your formula with wine-fried Wu Zhu Yu? Or maybe you want to make Xiao Yao San with the classical Wei Jiang but don't know how to get it or make it? We can and we do. In the notes to dispensary line, tell us what sort of special preps you want for your herbs and we will do it for you.

Pao Zhi Options
Honey Fried (Mi Zhi)
Wine Fried (Jiu Zhi)
Vinegar Fried (Cu Zhi)
Dry Fried (Chao)
Dry Fried with Bran
Baked (Wei)

At Root & Branch we know that the best medicine is the one that our patients will actually take. But we also want to make sure they can get the most potent formulations that have been customized for their conditions. Bulk herbs provide this level of effectiveness and specificity but getting patients to consistently cook herbs and take their decoction can be a challenge. We get it. Life is busy and it’s hard to get it all done; even when we want to. So we decided to take one more barrier out of the way for patients to get healthier, faster.

We will cook your patient’s herbs for them in our pharmacy using a pressure cooker method that yields deep extractions without damaging more effervescent herbs like Bo He or Jing Jie. We package up those herbs into mason jars and send them out the door, usually 6 days worth at a time, all for the nominal cost of $3!

This service is available to all patients in the Portland area or for anyone who can drive to the shop to pick them up. Because of food safety concerns, decocted herbs cannot be sent in the mail.

Quality and Professionalism

We work with vendors like Springwind, Evergreen, Nuherbs, Legendary and even local farmers to bring you the best possible herbs on the American market, complete with testing certificates for pesticides and heavy metals. Some of our herbs are even organically grown. We want to make sure that you have the right herbs with the right DaoDi to help your patients heal. We also treat your patients, first and foremost, as your patients. That is, we do not offer advice to patients about their formulas or modifications that you have prescribed without your explicit request or consent. We aren't here to change your prescriptions or contradict your orders. Your patients are yours. We just want to make it easier for you to get them their herbs.

How Our System Works

Online Medicinary

The online medicinary is tied to our inventory in live time and the system will inform you if a product you are looking for is out of stock. We do everything in our power to maintain a current stock of our full catalog, but sometimes items disappear from the market or there are shipping difficulties. If you are looking for a particular product and we are out of it, give us a call (971) 288-5939 so that we can let you know when that herb or product will be back in stock or how we might find a good substitution. 

In addition, we want you to have the herbs you need to give your patients the best possible care. So if we don’t currently stock an herb in bulk or in granule and you would like to use it, just let us know and we will bring it into our inventory on the next shipment. Our goal is to help you to do the work you want to do with the least amount of hassle.

Profit Sharing

HerbaScript™ gives every practitioner the option to add a markup to their herbs so they can benefit financially from their prescription process. This markup is added to the herb formulas that you order and can be set up as a fixed dollar amount or as a percentage and can be applied to formulas on a case-by-case basis or on all the herbs you order for your patients. This markup is visible only to you and to us. Once you have earned $50 or more in credit, we can mail a check to you or you can redeem those credits in HerbaScript™ for whatever you might want to buy. 

Shipping and Payment

Root & Branch will ship herbs in bulk, granule, or patent form anywhere in the US or even internationally. We cannot ship decocted herbs, however, because of perishability and food safety concerns. Shipping rates are calculated live in the checkout cart and reflect the best rates available through USPS. Please note that sometimes herbs are more voluminous than the system realizes and may need to be shipped in a larger box than was first quoted. If there are any changes to shipping costs, we will give you a call before adjusting the price. 

Herbs will be made and shipped (when required) once they have been paid for by the patient or by the practitioner. This guarantees that no herbs are made with no home to go to, reducing our waste, and keeping your prices competitive. You as a practitioner can opt into a "Vouch Program" that gives you the opportunity to vouch for a patient's formula so that we can begin working on it immediately-- that is, if your patient does not pay for the formula, you will. This is completely optional and can be applied to each formula individually. Take a look at your settings to turn this feature on or off. 

Once you have completed a formula and pushed it into the cart, you will choose who is paying for the formula. Select the patient and they will receive and email link to pay for the formula through our secure payment server.