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Our Mission

Root & Branch provides comprehensive Chinese Medicine services of exemplary quality to a broad spectrum of patients, while giving voice to millennia of tradition and practice.


Meet the Team


Travis Cunningham

Licensed Acupuncturist and Founder

  • Languages: English

  • Education: BA, MAcOM

  • Pronouns: He, His, Him

Travis C. graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2017 with an interest in finding the sources of health and disease. While in the OCOM clinic, Travis found success treating patients with a variety of chronic conditions who had sought many different types of treatment, but had difficulty finding relief. His treatment style focuses heavily on building the patient/practitioner relationship and working with the unique experience of the person.

Travis grew up in Syracuse, New York with a mother who works as a marriage and family therapist, a father who works in insurance, and a brother who works as a musician. Combining a deep interest in the roots of a person's experience with the creativity and structure of a disciplined practice makes Chinese Medicine an ideal fit for Travis.

Travis enjoys using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, tea therapy, and lifestyle advice to help patients overcome obstacles and embrace their own unique expression of health.

Travis C. has had success in treating conditions that involve: Pain of the body (e.g. musculoskeletal pain) or of the mind (depression, anxiety, grief and others). Fatigue, sleep disorders, acute onset cold & flu, vertigo/dizziness, digestive disorders, as well as chronic, "difficult to diagnose" conditions and more. Travis works well with people of all genders and orientations and especially with artists, gamers, teenagers, and "average (and un-average) Joes" 


Travis Kern

Licensed Acupuncturist and Founder

  • Languages: English, French

  • Education: BA, MAcOM

  • Pronouns: He, His, Him

Travis K. graduated from OCOM in 2017 with a particular interest in the sourcing and use of Chinese herbs. Over the course of his clinical year at OCOM, he worked with patients managing chronic health problems like Crohn's disease and chronic fatigue and developed a particular interest in diseases of rest and digestion.

Growing up in New Orleans as the son of a dietitian and in a very social household, Travis K. has always had a keen interest in food. He trained as a professional chef and had his first career in catering and restaurants. Now with his training in Chinese medicine, he is now able to channel that passion for the good life into delicious and therapeutic Chinese nutrition consultation. Food has always been the first medicine and now it can again become the core way in which people establish good health.

Schedule with Travis K. particularly for digestive disorders, skin conditions like acne, dermatitis, and infections as well as hard-to-explain conditions like fibromyalgia and chronic pain.


Greg A. Livingston

Licensed Acupuncturist and PhD (China)

  • Languages: English, Mandarin

  • Education: MAcOM, PhD (China)

  • Pronouns: He, His, Him

Greg A. Livingston, PhD, LAc, is unique amongst Chinese medicine practitioners in the west. He completed a Chinese Medicine PhD in China, entirely in Chinese, and is one of the few westerners licensed to practice Chinese Medicine in China, where he spent over ten years in total as a student, teacher, and Chinese Medicine physician. Dr. Livingston has over 20 years of clinical experience specializing in general internal medicine with an emphasis on cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. He especially enjoys working with individuals who have had limited success with other health care providers- treatment of stubborn and difficult conditions is a challenge well suited to his strong clinical background.

Dr. Livingston earned his 4-year Masters in Chinese Medicine from Five Branches Institute (1997), in California, and his PhD in Clinical Chinese Medicine from Zhejiang Chinese Medicine University (2009), in Hangzhou, China. During his 10+ years in China he studied with numerous senior-level doctors, spending thousands of hours in clinic with them and seeing tens-of-thousands of patients. During the majority of this time he also practiced in local and international hospitals and clinics, honing his skills in his own busy practice. This is a background that very few other westerners can claim, and is what sets him apart from other Chinese medicine practitioners in the west.

Dr. Livingston left China and relocated to Portland, Oregon in 2013. Currently he is a core faculty member at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM), and maintains a private practice at Root and Branch clinic in Portland’s Multnomah Village. If your situation demands the highest level of clinical skill, Dr. Livingston is the one to see. Choose "Herbal Medicine with Dr. Livingston" when scheduling.