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Food Freedom 1: Understanding What You're Eating

Macronutrients, Building a proper Plate,
and How to Read a Food Label


5 part weekly series on the core aspects of Eating Well today

$150 for the series

Recipes, shopping strategies, and group support included!

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Week 1 - The Basics: Understanding Macronutrients,  a proper Plate and How to read a food label.

Week 2 - All things Digestion and Blood sugar regulation.

Week 3 - All About Fats!

Week 4 - How to cut costs while eating healthy

Week 5 - How to move forward with your new knowledge

The world is full of more information today than ever before. We are constantly bombarded with the best way to do this and the worst thing in the world about that. Knowing what is true and want is hype seems like a full-time job but don’t worry, Root & Branch and its wellness partners are here to help make sense of the madness.

In this first part of a 5 part series, Nutritionist Karen Davis, MS, CNS, NTP will lay out the basics of what it means to eat well for your body in the modern world. She will help you to make sense of and to understand the different types of macro nutrients that you might read about or hear on the news. Then she will help you to better understand what you are looking at when you read a nutrition label so that those names and their meanings are more clear. Additionally, Karen will talk about the breakdown of a balanced meal and this isn’t your old-school food pyramid either!

Earlier Event: August 19
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