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Food Freedom 3: Fats, are they a good thing or not?

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Week 1 - The Basics: Understanding Macronutrients,  a proper Plate and How to read a food label.

Week 2 - All things Digestion and Blood sugar regulation.

Week 3 - All About Fats!

Week 4 - How to cut costs while eating healthy

Week 5 - How to move forward with your new knowledge

There is so much information about fats out there in the media-sphere! Are they good for me? If so, which kinds? But I thought that saturated fat would cause heart disease? How am I supposed to know what I can eat and when? These are excellent questions that lots of people are asking themselves when it comes to eating fats of all kinds. Nutritionist Karen Davis will walk you through the seeming complexity of the different sorts of fats out there and give you easy to understand methods for picking the right kinds of fats for you.

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