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Food Freedom 2: Digestion Explained

Stop those Blood Sugar Crashes Today! Boost Energy and Focus!


Week 1 - The Basics: Understanding Macronutrients,  a proper Plate and How to read a food label.

Week 2 - All things Digestion and Blood sugar regulation.

Week 3 - All About Fats!

Week 4 - How to cut costs while eating healthy

Week 5 - How to move forward with your new knowledge


Ever had less than ideal digestion? Bloating, gas, loose stool, constipation? The foods that you are eating are having a direct impact on your ability to digest well and to assimilate nutrients. in Part 2 of the Food Freedom Series, Nutritionist Karen Davis walks you through the key factors affecting digestion and how what you are eating is contributing to your energy, focus, and overall sense of well-being. Karen’s approach to eating well is not to scold you about all the things you think you are doing wrong but instead to give you tools to help you make the best decisions you can given your personal strengths and limitations.

Missed the first class?
No Problem, you can buy the rest of the series at a prorated amount of $120.
Call 971-288-5939 to arrange the purchase of the partial class.