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Chinese Tea As Medicine Class

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Join us and learn to use Chinese tea as medicine! :)
In this class, we will cover:

~ The basics of Gongfu style tea and service
~ How to feel the medicine of the tea working in the body
~ How teas may work according to the Chinese Five Element Theory
~ How certain teas can be used to treat disease or promote a persons longevity
~ How the practice of tea service can be used to cultivate the body, mind, and spirit

Time: Sunday 6/23 1:00-2:30PM

Cost: $20 Per Class

Space: Six spots 

The Health of Wood & Fire
This class will explore physiology in the elements of Wood and Fire.

Class time will be split up into two sections:

1) Identification or “read” on the health of these elements within a person

2) Teas that can reinforce these elements (strengthen) or transfer their energies effectively (reduce)

All are welcome to join! =)


Or Call (971) 288-5939 to reserve your spot today!

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