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Chinese Tea & Pulse Diagnosis

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Join us! =)
And learn…

~ How to listen to and read the pulse
~ How to feel the medicine of the tea working in the body
~ How teas may work according to the Chinese Five Element Theory
~ How to use Chinese tea as a medicine

Time: Sunday 4/14 3:00-5:00PM

Cost: $70 whole series (4 classes) or $20 per individual class.

Space: Six spots (please reserve your space ahead of time)

Class Three: Listening
Class three will feature one of the most important skillsets required for tea to become medicine. This skill is listening. If we cannot listen, we cannot know what is required. We must listen to the tea to know its medicine. We must listen to the pulse to know its health. We must listen to ourselves to know how we are showing up. When listening is there, so is medicine. When listening is not there, neither is medicine.

We will drink teas that are soft and graceful Qi quality. All are welcome to join! =)


Or Call (971) 288-5939 to reserve your spot today!

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