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Chinese Tea As Medicine Level One

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Join us and learn to use Chinese tea as medicine! :)
In this class, we will cover:

~ The basics of Gongfu style tea and service
~ How to feel the medicine of the tea working in the body
~ How teas may work according to the Chinese Five Element Theory
~ How certain teas can be used to treat disease or promote a persons longevity
~ How the practice of tea service can be used to cultivate the body, mind, and spirit

This class is a five part series taking place on Sunday afternoons from February-March, 2019. Participants are encouraged to sign up for the entire series but can take each class individually. $80 is the cost for the whole series (5 classes) or $20 per individual class. Space is limited to six people

Part 4 of 5 
This class will explore different types of teas that embody the Wood element. Wood is exciting, young and interesting. Wood teas demand presence and attention. Otherwise, they may run away from you! In this class, we will discuss where tea has the potential to go (culinary, medicine, or for the pure delight of drinking)


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Earlier Event: February 17
Chinese Tea As Medicine Level One
Later Event: March 24
Chinese Tea As Medicine Level One