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Chinese Tea As Medicine Class

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Join us and learn to use Chinese tea as medicine! :)
In this class, we will cover:

~ The basics of Gongfu style tea and service
~ How to feel the medicine of the tea working in the body
~ How teas may work according to the Chinese Five Element Theory
~ How certain teas can be used to treat disease or promote a persons longevity
~ How the practice of tea service can be used to cultivate the body, mind, and spirit

Time: Sunday 7/28 1:00-2:30PM

Cost: $20 Per Class

Space: Six spots 

Whole Person Embodiment
This class will focus on the various methods to influence the Qi quality of tea as a process of ceremony and embodiment.

While picking the right tea for the occasion is important, so too is the awareness one carries into the experience of serving. This class will explore the skill of finding the parts of ourselves that are truly medicinal. We will learn to uncover these virtuous states of being and then channel them into the service of tea.

All are welcome to join! =)


Or Call (971) 288-5939 to reserve your spot today!