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Experience Tea

Most people are familiar with the comforting experience of curling up on the couch with a cup of black or green tea. But did you know that tea can provide more than comfort after a long day? At Root & Branch, we study various teas including red (or black), white, green, oolong, and pu'er with dedicated attention and respect. Consequently, we believe that tea is one of the most loving and humanizing experiences available to us today. 


Tea Tastings

Tea tastings are organized in flights, or groups, of teas that reflect different aspects of the current season. These tastings last around 45 minutes during which, one of our tea experts will will guide you through the flight of your choice

At Root & Branch, we combine our understanding of Chinese Medicine (the flavors, natures, and elements associated with each tea) with our own contemplative knowledge. We also teach about the etiquette, intent, and specifics of pouring tea to "encourage" the tea's greatest expression, as well as the virtuous qualities of being human.

Tea tastings are a lot of fun and are the best way to get a sense of tea before you buy it. They make great gifts for people, or work well as smaller group events. 

We do tastings for anyone interested on Saturdays by appointment only

Other Opportunities for Tea

Tea Classes

Tea classes are group events that happen regularly, or at pre-determined times (see the "Events" page for more details).  

During a tea class, various teas will be poured by one of our tea experts. The feel of these classes is normally very light and social since the goal is to learn about tea as an experience. Below are a few examples of things we explore in these classes:

  • How does this tea feel inside the body?

  • What "direction" does this tea seem to take?

  • What flavors can be identified?

  • How does this relate to your experience?

  • What might Chinese Medicine have to say about this tea?

All in all, these classes are meant to help a person dive in to their own private experience with tea as a contemplative tool. Some weight is given to learning the "facts" about various teas, though this is not the major focus of the class. 

A normal tea class meets once per week. People sign up for monthly intervals (four classes) at once. There are six spots per class. 

In addition to the regular meeting class, Root & Branch hosts various tea experts that make their way through Portland. These rarer events can also be found on the "Events" page above. 

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