Chinese Medicine Therapies

A human model showing the pathways of Acupuncture meridians

A human model showing the pathways of Acupuncture meridians

What Can Chinese Medicine Treat?

First and foremost, Chinese Medicine treats the whole person. Using a unique system of language, diagnosis and intervention, Chinese Medicine offers a different perspective on treating real problems, as well as helping people to live more holistic lives.

Chinese Medicine can play a huge part in the healing process. Acupuncture in particular is now well-known in the United States for treating pain and women's health issue, the greater scope of Chinese medicine is well suited to treat a great many other conditions such as 1.) Mental emotional concerns like depression or anxiety, 2.) Acute onset of cold and flu, 3.) Chronic auto-immune disorders like Chron's disease or Rheumatoid Arthritis, 4.) Digestive complaints such as loose stools, irritable bowl, or colitis, 5.) and particularly insidious conditions like fibromyalgia and fatigue. Chinese medicine has even played a role in the treatment of cancer and "difficult to treat" illnesses that may or may not have a given diagnosis. 

From "Pre-ventative" Medicine to "In-ventative" Medicine

While being a fully-functional method of treating disease, Chinese Medicine also has something to offer for individuals that are not so encumbered by illness. The practitioners at Root and Branch seek to give our patients tools that not only allow them to stay "preventatively" away from illness, but also help them embrace their own creative "invention" of health, allowing them to live as their fullest selves. We achieve this goal by identifying each person's constitution, pattern, personality, and belief system, and then working with that person step-by-step, to achieve a new perspective on what "living well" can become for them. 

Finding The Right Practitioner

As with any developed system, Chinese Medicine practitioners often specialize in their treatment focus. Some practitioners prefer to use mostly acupuncture and treat musculo-skeletal pain, while others may prefer to prescribe herbs and specialize in internal medicine. Many of the practitioners at Root and Branch specialize in using herbal medicine, but also use acupuncture and other  techniques to treat specific aspects of a person's health. 

There are many different combinations of a practitioner's personality and approach. As a patient, it is very important to find someone that you feel you can work with. At Root and Branch,  we will give you an honest assessment of whether or not we think we can help you. If we feel that we cannot, we will refer you to someone that can. For more information about the practitioners at Root and Branch, please click on the "About" tab above.

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