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Food is the First Medicine

Everyone knows that nutrition plays a key role in the development and maintenance of good health and long-term wellness. And we also know that there are a wide variety of opinions of what constitutes good eating. At Root & Branch we use Chinese Medicine principles to help patients get a grasp on what kinds of foods and what sorts of preparations will help them achieve their health goals. These principles are very different than looking at specific chemical constituents or assessing numbers of calories or grams of fat. We look at food with a wider and more inclusive viewpoint that includes the tastes and flavours of different foods, the way that you might prepare them, what you have time and money to actually accomplish, and ultimately how to make lifestyle changes instead of focusing on dieting. 

Removing Fear from Food

So much of our understanding about nutrition has mostly to do with what FOODS TO AVOID. There are endless blog posts and well-meaning wellness warriors out there with a thousand loosely supported reasons for why you should never eat a particular kind of food and maximize some other sort of food or nutrient. The biomedical science on this topic is an ever moving target whose actual research is often very revealing but unfortunately is not well-packaged for the general public. 

At Root & Branch we rely on the literally thousands of years of clinical knowledge collected in the annals of Chinese Medicine texts in order to inform our nutrition conversations so that we can talk about what to add into your eating rituals and how it could help. We talk about how to assess if some change is actually helping. And yes sometimes we do need to talk about what foods to reduce or avoid but all of our guidance is organized as a change for a specific amount of time or for as long as a symptom persists. 

We firmly believe that healthy bodies are able to assemble a virtually limitless variety of foods and to find vigor in the process

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