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Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a complete system, unique to any other from of Herbal Medicine. 

The application of Chinese Herbal Medicine may differ depending on the circumstances. Herbs may given to apply topically, to the skin. They may be given to add to a foot soak. They may even be added to a pillow or cushion for aroma therapies. The most common method of administering herbal medicine is through making a decoction or tea. An herbal appointment usually takes between 30-60 minutes (initial assessments requiring an additional 30 minutes). 

How Are The Herbs Prepared?  

The preparation of an herbal formula also varies depending on the method of administration (how the herbs are taken). When making an herbal decoction or tea, the bulk herbs are soaked in cold water for at least thirty minutes to re-hydrate them completely. Then, they are placed in a pot and brought to a boil. The temperature is moderated down to a simmer and then the herbs are allowed to simmer for a set amount of time (depending on the formula). Once completely extracted, the herbs are strained out and composted, while the liquid is drunk for its therapeutic effects. 

How Do The Herbs Taste?

The taste of the herbs will be different depending on which herbs are prescribed in the formula. Herbs range from being quite bitter, to sweet and even pungent. In Chinese Medicine, we believe that the flavor of the herbs actually activates an essential part of the healing process. While many herbal formulas are not ideal in their taste, most people report that their herbs are easily tolerable, and even enjoyable in many cases. Interestingly enough, the person's experience of tasting their herbs, often represents an important point of transformation within the healing process. 

Methods of Herbal Administration

Root and Branch is happy to offer the first pre-decoction services in Portland, Oregon. This means that we will "decoct" or make your herbs into a tea, for you, in-house!

We also carry various Chinese Herbal granule, preserved-decoction, and patent medicines in powder, alcohol, or pill form, for your personalized use. 

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