Back To Basics: Spleen Complete Package

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Back To Basics: Spleen Complete Package

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The Back to Basics series is designed to remind practitioners and students of Chinese Medicine about the core theoretical and diagnostic components of various elements essential to the sound practice of the medicine.

In the Spleen lecture and following discussion, Dr. Greg Livingston lays out the basics of spleen function, followed by common pathologies, the herbal remedies for those pathologies and concludes with two clinical examples that provide insight into dealing with spleen disorders in your practice.

In addition, several of Dr. Livingston’s students posed a series of clinical questions about dealing with a variety of spleen problems from their own experience. Dr. Livingston answers these questions and provides herbal solutions to many of the problems raised.

This COMPLETE PACKAGE option includes:

1.) Back to Basics Spleen Lecture (Length: 1 hour 6 minutes)
2.) The clinical Q&A about spleen pathologies and treatments with specific herbal strategies and special considerations (Length: 56 minutes)
3.) The lecture notes for this episode and the Q&A

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